viernes, mayo 13, 2005


Heaven restores you in life
Coming with me
Through the aging, the fear and the strife
It's the smiling on the package
It's the faces in the sand
It's the thought that holds you upwards
Embracing me with two hands
Write, we'll take you places
Yeah maybe to the beach
When your friends they do come crying
Tell them how your pleasure's set up on slow-release

Hey wait
Great smile
Sensitive to faith not
But hey whose on trial?

It took a life spent
With no cellmate
The long way back
Saying meanwhile can't we look the other way?

He speaks about travel
Yeah, we think about the land
We smile like all people
Feeling real tan
I can take you places
Do you need a new man?
Wipe the pollen from the faces
Make revision to a dream while you wait in the van

Hey wait
Great smile
Sensitive to faith not
But hey whose on trial?

It took a life spent
With no cellmate
Find a long way back
Saying meanwhile can't we look the other way?
You're weightless, you are exotic
You need something for which to care
Saying meanwhile can't we look the other way?

Leave some shards under the belly
Lay some grease inside my hand
It's a sentimental jury
And the makings of a good plan
You've come to love me nightly
Yeah you've come to hold me tight
Is this motion everlasting
Or do shutters pass in the night?

Oh heaven restores you in life
I spent a lifespan with no cellmate
The long way back
Saying meanwhile can't we look the other way?
You're weightless, semi-erotic
You need someone to take you there
Saying meanwhile can't we look the other way?
Why can't we just play the other game?
Why can't we just look the other way?...


Blogger skene said...

ta buena . .

Buen inicio de semana. :*

9:21 a. m.  
Blogger AkashA DulcineA said...

Tendré que buscar esa rola, no la conozco pero la letra suena intensa... gracias por la recomendación.
Buena semana.

12:53 a. m.  
Blogger Dober said...

Excelente canción. A todos los que dejaron su comment les recomiendo al grupo Interpol, ambos discos (Turn on the bright lights y Antics) son geniales. Les recomiendo rolas como Roland, Obstacle1, (gran video de Fiora Segismundi), A time to be so small, y por su puesto Evil cuyo video es bastante original aunque no me encantó...

Para más info sobre el grupo visiten

Gracias por tu comment Agustín, intentaré no morir en el intento con esto de los blogs

12:57 p. m.  
Blogger Dober said...


Hoy después de 2 meses retomo mi blog, y por ahi me encuentro un comment que me dice "suerte, muchos mueren en el intento del blog". De seguro la estás pasando de lujo y por eso has olvidado tu blog eh!!! Sinceramente espero que sea asi y que cuando retomes tu blog sea para hacer una reseña del concierto de Interpol el cual, por supuesto, no me perderé.


8:38 a. m.  
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